Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chocolate Research Day 4

Ok, time to simulate something.
It's a very simple setup simulation, only a particle fluids emitter and one object collider.
The most important part it's tweak the "viscosity"  attribute fluid.
Chocolate in fact it's very viscosity liquid.
I think that it's a good start.



Next step, add subsurface scattering to the base shader.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Chocolate Research Day 3

Time to add new feature to my shader, basically some change and randomization on the dots shape, and expose the rim shader control, created by another network.

The new network:

The new shader:

Next step will be set the base simulation with fluids.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Chocolate Research Day 2

Today, i've made some changes to basic shader, basically for create some random dots on base Chocolate color.

This is my new VOP Shader Network:

And the new render test:

Monday, 16 February 2009

Chocolate Research Day 1

OK, let's start.
For today my target will be build the base of shader, and the base parameter, very simple, and add the various features next time.
Usually i build the base shader on a simple primitive, like sphere, for focalize only colors.
The shader network for now it's very simple.
I did that in Houdini, because my research on Dynamic Fluid will be focalized on Houdini v.9.5.

But the shader teory it's the same, for all softwares.

This is the network in VEX Editor

This is the simple result

In 3d scene i have 3 standard spotlight and the standard lighting configuration (key, fill, rim).
For find a right way, i need to draw some notes on images, i find it very usefull.

So, now i have all ingredients for the next day.

At beginning was...

Hi all, my names's Leonardo and this Blog will be a sort of notepad for personal note in CGI stuff.My first personal research will be recreate liquid chocolat with particles and fluid dynamic, and then build a material (shader) with the right aspect.
First of all, i need some pictures or photograph like reference, for start my research.
So, google image can help me =)

Like that for example:

Or that...

Or that...

Very good stuff... will be perfect for my research, very good start i think...